Sunday, 8 February 2015

Franco @ 1 Utama

Formerly known as "Miam Miam"

Franco is a French & Japanese fusion fine casual dining located in 1 Utama shopping centre's old wing (2nd outlet was recently commenced @ The Curve). It was formerly known as "Miam Miam" and has rebranded to introduce a more exciting dining experience to the customers.
Thoughtful consideration to provide menu and seats
for the waiting customers outside. ;)

Franco has pretty comfy sofa seats and dining tables to provide us a pleasant casual fine dining. Nevertheless, overwhelming support from the customers always made it full house, yet some even have to queue and wait to be seated.
Cosy, neat environment..

Franco intends to deliver us a casual fine dining concept, ie. good enough to reach the standard of quality of a fine dining, but much cheaper than how a fine dining could cost us. 
From the savouries to sweets, Franco has been persistently differentiating themselves by offering a decent combined French-Japanese cuisine.

For the mains, there are Japanese styled pasta, which are prepared in a lighter but cleaner flavour than the west. Others than that, there is Japanese curry rice prepared in le French style.
Miam Miam spaghetti is one of the best pasta served here.
Mixing the baby spinach, mushroom, tomatoes and frankfurters
altogether with the spaghetti, it is juicily cooked with
french butter and their secret broth & shoyu,
slight creamy but not too greasy. 
A flavourful lobster bisque pasta, slow-cooked
up to perfection with a super rich lobster soup base,
topped with Parmesan cheese and grilled tiger prawn.
Lobster soup broth is incredibly delicious,
adding on with the well grilled giant tiger prawn,
making it a palatable pasta to be enjoyed.

For the spicy eater, arrabiata is one of the pasta not to be missed here!
Served along with zucchini and eggplant, it is a spicy tomato based pasta
which could stimulate our taste bud eventually.

Riz Au Curry is a cheese baked rice slow cooked
with their homemade Japanese curry sauce.
A rich Japanese curry sauced rice, served with
generous amount of egg and cheese.

Great thing about this is the adequate amount of sauce, 
keeps the rice juicy up to the very last bite.
Apart from these, there are other choices such as squid ink pasta, seafood tomato cream pasta, and mac & cheese.

While waiting for the mains to be prepared and cooked, you could have their salad, soup, or bread as your pre-meal appetiser.
Clam chowder soup served with garlic bread

Franco seems to be more focusing on the dessert part, as more selections are available for the sweets than the mains in the menu. xD
One of the bestseller is the matcha souffle.
Matcha souffle is lightly baked up to a fluffy texture.
The crunchy crust is the best part that I love.
Overall, it is a good souffle.

French toast is greatly recommended by Franco too, but I would think that it is a bit overrated.
Cubes of french toasts built upwards on a frying pan.
 Taught by the waiter, the correct method of having it
is to pour the maple syrup from top first. =D
French toast is pretty soft in texture, but a bit sweet for my liking.

Franco as well serves good pancakes. What is extraordinary of their pancakes?
It is not merely a pancake, it is a souffle pancake, which is thicker, fluffier, and tastier! ;D
For an upgraded version of their pancake, you could try those 
topped with apple & granola, caramelised banana, or azuki red bean & jelly.

Chocolate Molleaux is the another term given by Franco for their molten chocolate lava.
Molten chocolate lava is hearted with sinful dark chocolate,
served with premium soft gelato. This is just average for me.
Besides than the desserts aforementioned, there are creme brulee and cakes too.

Japanese cuisine is always popular for the matcha drinks. In Franco, similarly, they serve nice matcha beverages. Ice matcha latte with matcha softee is strong with the matcha taste, topped with matcha soft ice cream. Slurrppp! xP

For coffee lovers, Franco has their own brewed americano. It is a hand dripped coffee, brewed with good Arabica coffee beans, bold but light bodied.

From my points of view, Franco has delicious pasta that is worth to try. For the desserts, they might be appealing at our first try prior to its distinctiveness, but not very fond of having them in every visit. Nevertheless, Franco does a good job in finishing every single piece of their desserts with the best texture.

Address: Lot 146, G Floor (Old Wing), 1 Utama Shopping Centre, 48200 Petaling Jaya.
Operating Hours: Mon-Sun 11:00-22:00
Tel: 03-7731 8923 


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